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Kose - Clear Turn Premium Fresh Hyaluronic Acid Mask (3 pc)

Clear Turn Premium Fresh Hyaluronic Acid Mask (3 pc)

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Using the unique vacuum technology, the highest quality and purest beauty essence made from Niyodo River water in Kochi, together with a variety of precious nutrients, is sealed and stored in the packaging bag to keep the ingredients freshest and most active, super moisturizes the skin Place of Origin Japan Benefit - Contains super moisturizing ingredients: Hyaluronic acid improves water shortage, dullness and dry lines; Pomegranate extract resists oxidation, improves skin roughness and promotes epidermal regeneration; Sakura extract moisturizes and soothes fine lines -Sacran moisturizing ingredients: Sacran is a moisturizing ingredient that extracted from aphanothece sacrum that grows only in very pure water source, its amazing water absorption is 5 times of hyaluronic acid, and it continues to moisturize. The skin is moisturize and shiny just like after washing the face. -Using the highest quality pure natural water source, precious trace elements supply nutrients and water to the skin bottom - Newly developed 3D embossed mask paper: absorbs and releases more beauty essence. Bemliese cottonseed velvet mask paper has amazing water absorption and is not easy to dry, so that the skin absorbs more essence.

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  • Weight : 27 Gram
  • Country : japan

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